What are others saying about Somatic Movement education?

Feeling centered

"For the first time in a year and a half, I can feel my whole body come to center."

~ Erik M., Cloverdale, BC 

Improving Posture

"I fee light! . . . My neck feels like a rod holding my head up higher."

~Lucija N., South Surrey, BC

Moving effortlessly

"I feel more relaxed and lighter on my feet . . . I feel like a ninja!"

~Chris D., Delta, BC 

Reducing Pain

"I feel good this morning.  Going to the gym for the first time in over a month . . .the session definitely made a difference."

Connie M., White Rock, BC

creating awareness

"I haven't been able to 'feel' my feet since I was twelve years old!  I have always ignored my feet because they felt like clubs.  I couldn't trust them.  Now, they have come alive!"

"I can't wait to try my 'new' feet!"

Stephanie O., South Surrey, BC 

Improving sleep

"Instead of waking up two or three times in the night, she slept through the whole night!" 

Edina D., mother of 9 year old daughter, Surrey, BC