Kitchen Makeover $60 what does it include?


  • an evaluation of the type of foods that already exist in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator
  • getting rid of the unhealthy foods that don't contribute to your nutrition goals
  • identifying what types of foods will contribute to your nutrition goals and which foods may be interfering with them
  • suggestions for cleaning out and reorganizing kitchen cabinets
  • handout on what types of foods to stock your pantry and refrigerator with

  • tips to help you plan and structure healthy eating

Grocery Store Tour $65 What does it include?


  • specific tips while shopping for healthy food for you and your family
  • how to read food labels
  • understanding nutrition and health claims, what do they really mean?
  • organic foods: produce and products
  • serving sizes, portion sizes, and realistic serving sizes for men, women and children
  • Other protein sources, besides meat
  • a "superfoods" grocery list
  • learn economical ways to eat well
  • make healthy shopping quicker and easier by taking out the guess work and getting the facts! 

Meal Planning and Preparation $70 What does it include?


  • cleaning, washing, and cutting up vegetables and fruits
  • precooking meats
  • precooking legumes, grains (i.e. lentils, chick peas, black beans, quinoa, wild rice, etc.)
  • planning meals up to three days at a time
  • planning lunches for the whole family, for school, work, or home.
  • how to make homemade protein bars, trail mixes, and other healthy grab-and-go snacks

  • how to make healthy superfood shakes